Early Human Ancestors

Portrait of Neanderthal Man (detail of diorama)

Jaroslav A. Polák via Compfight

Hi Everyone,

Recently our teacher has taught us a lot about early humans and their way of life. If I could be any of the early humans I would be a Homo Neanderthal. In this post I will be telling you my perspective of them.

Neanderthals were the first ancestor of ours to develop a language. If something was going to attack someone you could warn them or you could just have a friendly conversation with someone. I would want to live in a timeline with a language because we could communicate with each other.

Another reason I would want to be a Neanderthal is because they were very good at building shelters and structures. Benefits of being able to build good shelters is that if there was a big storm you wouldn’t have very much damage to clean up if everything was inside. I would want to be good at building shelters because it is a main thing you need to survive.

The last reason is because they are extremely strong! Archaeologists are saying they could pick up a pick-up truck. Some benefits of being short and strong are that you would do well in the cold and fight off any predators.

I think that a Neanderthal was one of the more superior human species. Once all of the species were living together at the same time! I hope you enjoyed reading my post!


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