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Welcome to my blog!

One thing  I am interested in is archery. I started doing archery when I was 8 or 9. It is very fun but the equipment is very expensive. I am on a competitive dance team and do five other dance classes. My favourite thing to read, write or talk about is history. If you are interested in reading about historical events I recommend the Dear Canada series. The characters are fictional but the events are real. I am super excited to start blogging.

Sincerely, Kalea


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kalea,
    I really liked reading your about page. Thank you four the book suggestion
    I will make sour I look at the dear Canada series thay sawed really entrusting

  2. Hi Kalea,
    What are all the types you do? I like doing jazz, contemporary, and lyrical. I do not do competitive dance, but I want to in the future. Archery sounds very fun. I would love to try it sometime! I enjoyed reading your blog and I am excited to read your posts.

    • Hi Hailey,
      I do jazz,contemporary,hip hop,lyrical and ballet. Archery can really hurt your fingers if you do it for a long time. What is your favourite type of dance? Mine is contemporay. I am excited to read your posts.

  3. Hi there Kaela! I’ve read your all about me post and i am happy to say that we have some things in common. I also have a great passion to read and I will defiantly take your recommendation for that series!

  4. Hi Kalea,
    Thank you f much for commenting on my blog! I love getting comments from you. My favorite flower is a gerbera daisy! If you do not know what type of flower that is you should look at some images on Google! I hope to hear from you soon and read future posts of yours, thanks a lot,

    • Hi Abby,
      Gerbera Daisies are very pretty. I have seen them in a lot of bouquets recently. Have you ever tried to grow them? Whenever I try to grow anything my dog either eats it or pees on it. I am excited to read more of your posts!

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